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`` The Art of Communication

is the Language of Leadership``

–  James C. Humes  –


Would you like to be a natural leader, free from doubt and full of inspiration? Go for it! Leave the common path, follow your instincts and focus on what really matters.

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Leadership is about who you are, how you inspire and influence clients, how you motivate teams and promote your business.

Leaders who have presence and impact are compelling and motivational. Their enthusiasm is inspirational and catching. Teams are willing to follow. Those leaders build the future.

As a result your working environment will be less stressed. Your team will be positively charged, motivated and able to manage themselves. All that leads to a very happy client – even in times of change.

But how to become a natural leader? Learn from the best.
Horse assisted leadership training will connect you with the most majestic and powerful leaders and show you the essence of true teamwork.

From horses you will learn how to lead with your heart, hands and feet and become an empowered leader.

Leadership Training with Zeus the Coach is build on the 4 steps of empowerment. It will step by step transform back breaking leading work into a feather light flow. Inspired by nature.


How do we work?

I deeply believe it is very important that you and your team will get what you really need. Therefore every training is going to be tailor-made especially for your requirements, which we will discuss upfront in a pre-session (call or meeting in person).

In 1 up to 2 days of training you will empower your leadership within the following 4 steps.



Focus on finding the power of your own truth.

  • detect your personal strength
  • focus on being in the moment and how to be present
  • pay attention to your environment, yourself and your team and understand how it influences the task
  • improve your body language and realize what impact you and your behaviour have on the ones around you



Focus on forming one congruent team out of a bunch of individuals.

  • really get to know every team member
  • gain deeper trust and respect of oneself and the others
  • overcome doubts and anxiety in stressful situations
  • learn how to deal with conflicts in an appropriate way
  • cooperate effectively during times of change and uncertainty



Experience growth and discover a merging team that can reach higher goals.

  • understand the need of clearly defined goals and challenges to reach those goals
  • recognize the importance of shared responsibilities
  • experience the positive outcome of a flexible and agile team
  • realize the benefit of leaving your ego behind



Focus on bring it to a close. It’s time to reflect, relax and to celebrate who you and your team have become.

  • reflect on what you learned and bring it all together
  • experience a collaborative empowered team that pulls on one string
  • have a joyful blast (never underestimate the celebration of your success)

Becoming one Team

As an aside, we see every team member as a leader – and to be crucial for the success of a team.

Please note, that there is no experience with horses needed and there is NO riding involved. Every workshop starts with a brief introduction how to approach horses, followed by a mix of theoretical backgrounds and playful experiential learnings on leadership and teamwork with the horses.

Work with us in different locations

Germany, Hamburg
Portugal, Lisbon
Portugal, Faro

As a member of the International Association for Horse Assisted Education (EAHAE), working with a network of more than 300 qualified members in about 40 countries worldwide, we are able to find the perfect location for you and your training.

Fantastic. The training will help me to run my team in a trustful and more effective way.’

– Cyrille Dehon, Airbus, Team Lead

‘This training really gets to the nitty gritty of how your responses influence those around you.’

– Liz Hutchinson, IPC Europe, Quality Manager

‘Get over your fears, face them … and you will be inspired. Thanks for believing in me.’

– Vivian Leute, meap GmbH, Project Manager

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