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I believe in you and your strengths


I’m passionate about people and their dreams, I believe it is possible and absolutely needed that leadership and workplaces in our present days need a cultural change to get the best result for our business, both private and professional. And I know that horses can be the key for that change.

With an extensive background as marketing account director and a team leader, I experienced  how draining the work with teams based on skills, knowledge and management tools can be. It is definitely hard work.

Photo by Lotta Emich

With trusting and respecting the team members I gave them the space to grow and to step into their own power, they took charge. As a result the projects became much more successful in a faster time and much more fun for everyone. Good leaders don’t lead with words, good leaders are able to take their teams on a journey. That’s what I learned from working with horses and what I love to share with my clients.

Finding your true you

By working with humans and horses I learned to intuitively pick up on underlaying emotions, which are hidden under masks. In our coaching session I will help you to let drop off these masks and to show your authentic true you. The first step into change is made.

Since march 2016 I am a licensed Horse Dream Partner and member of the International Association for Horse Assisted Education (EAHAE), working with a network of more than 300 qualified members in 40 countries worldwide.

To add on a life coaching approach in my work, deeply believing that every human being is resourceful and whole, and crucial for the success of a team, I completed CTI`s Co Active Coach training program in 2017/18.

Let's work together

To help people find their own leadership style with the support of horses I offer leadership and teambuilding workshops in Germany and Portugal and 1-on-1 Life coachings.



I wouldn’t be able live my dream without so many who are part of my journey. Can´t tell how thankful I am.

Thank you Zeus, my horse, my everyday coach, my teacher, my mirror, my best friend, my soulmate. You always listen to whatever I have to say without any judgement, you push my boundaries and let me grow. You bring love and light in my life.

To my family, without your doubts I wouldn`t have known how important this journey is for me.

Lotta for the soulful webdesign and Andrea for copywriting.

To all of my friends, for believing in me and giving me so much confidence in what I do.

To my partner Kai, your love keeps me going and lets me feel safe and at home wherever I am. Your trust in me and my capabilities is exactly the support I need.

Without all of you, all this would not be possible.

I'm looking forward to meeting you

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